PVC Modular Kitchen

PVC Modular kitchen Coimbatore - 5 Reasons to Choose (important)
5 major things to consider before installing a kitchen 👇👇

Interested in knowing the pros and cons of PVC Modular Kitchen ?? If so, are you in the right place ?? We have been doing PVC Interior work in Coimbatore, Tirupur,  Chennai and Salem for the last 5 years. We are pleased to share with you this article what we have learned and learned over past five years of experience in this field.👈

PVC Modular Kitchen is one of the most innovative. In other words, its growth over the past 10 years has been very good. Nowadays most people prefer interior work done using PVC material instead of plywood & other materials.👈

5 Reasons to Choose PVC Modular Kitchen 🔔
     1.வேகமான Installation
     2.சரியான space திட்டமிடல்
     3.எளிமையான customization 
     4.ஸ்மார்ட் outlook
     5.ஈஸி  Maintenance
1. வேகமான Installation 📌

As we are one of the top most manufacturers for all types of Modular kitchen in Coimbatore, Our modular kitchen components automatically fit in position at ease in very minimal time.💡

When you are in urgency to open your house very soon then PVC will be the fastest installation material for you.💡

Example: A single worker  can complete 100/sft per day. So if your site is 1000 sft for instance it will take maximum 15 days as per other factors.👈

2. சரியான Space திட்டமிடல் 📌

Are you in short of space? Confused? Just leave it to us, We customize your space and make it accessible abolishing congested appearance.💡

Our shelves and cabinets are small using a very minimal space of your kitchen to ensure a pleasant and fresh ambiance always. 💡

Example: it depends on your kitchen size, window & door openings in the kitchen.👈

3. எளிமையான Customization  📌

Modernized designs with traditional touch! we are very smarter to pick up a right customize design for your kitchen.💡

We go beyond your imagination and make your kitchen the most attractive, unique, easy incorporation of more shelves, mesmerizing wallhangings, Designed cupboards, and cabinets, etc.💡

Example: if u already have a counter top slap (semi modular) in your kitchen then PVC kitchen very much suitable for your kitchen.👈

4. ஸ்மார்ட் Outlook 📌

Get Merlok’s stunning looks into your kitchen. Make a smart outlook of your kitchen that portraits the artistic, beauty, comfort, and ability to hold everything in a closed surface.💡

Note: it is very much equal to plywood kitchen but not that much colors available in PVC material.👈

5. ஈஸி  Maintenance 📌

All PVC products are easy to maintain. Because it is 100 percent water proof and 100 percent termite proof material. so dont worry about the maintanance.💡

Note: Dont worry about water spilling issues like plywood modular kitchen.👈

Conclusion 🎙️

PVC Modular Kitchen has become very popular nowadays. Its long life and very low cost make it possible.👈

if you have a very tight budget on your home the pvc is very suitable for you. And also PVC is best suited for renters who want a small interior.👈

If you want to set up a PVC Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore, contact mobile number, 🤚96003 99153🤚.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp – 🤚96003 99153🤚

குறைந்த விலையில் மாடுலர் கிட்சன் அமைப்பது எப்படி?👇👇
How many colors are there ?? 🗨️

There are ten to fifteen colors. But as far as the laminate sheet is concerned, there are very small range of color options available.💡

life time of pvc??🗨️

it will long lasting minimum 5 years to maximum 15 years depends on your maintanance.💡

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